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Tera Hee Tera’s mission is to build desktop and mobile applications focusing especially on Sikh Music and Education


Try new Gur Shabad Kirtan application which brings 31 Raag and Gurbani Shabad notations alive from some of the standard Gurbani Kirtan Books

Inspiration to design this application comes from the fact that there are some of the best books available by great composers/raagis who have added notations in various taals in the designated Raagas. Couple of books by Dr. Gurnam Singh Ji and Bhai Avtar Singh Ji and Gurcharan Singh Ji. For such notations, beginners find difficult to read those notations. This applications make them playable.

Gur Shabad Kirtan

Kirtan learning made easy

Harmonium Anywhere is the best harmonium available in the app store.If you are travelling or too lazy to play or no access to real harmonium, or just need a quick practice before performance, you will find Harmonium Anywhere too handy.

Harmonium Anywhere

Play anywhere YOU GO

There are good number of awesome digital tuners available in the market which allows you to tune an instrument. Almost all of the tuners are designed for western notation. The Indian notation system is not much different and maps very well with western notation. The major problem comes when changing the scale of the notes and becomes hard to map even for experienced performers

Saaj Tuner

Tune your string instruments

Tune to Daily Hukamnama From AID BadhniKalan. And Listen to Recordings of Bachan by Baba Jora Singh Ji Badhni Kalan.

AID Badhni Kalan

listen TO recordings from Gurdwara BADHNI KALAN


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